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Technical Support

With a 119 years of experience and know-how Belovo Paper Mills has a highly trained engineering team, ready to accommodate the industrial technical needs of companies in the paper industry and assist them in the optimization of their investments in production process.

Our specialized technical team, highly experienced in the paper making industry, can offer efficient and effective solutions to increase the productivity of paper machines, minimize production costs, extend the life span of a plant or and equipment, improve the quality of tissue paper products.

Belovo Paper Mill has a wide range of services:


Computer-aided design and manufacture of equipment for production and finishing of paper and spare parts.


Dedicated mechanical workshop for equipment & machinery repairs


Grinding of drying cylinders type “Yankee” using precise and productive sander. Cover of “Yankee” cylinder is performed by vacuum metallization.


Highly qualified personnel, specialized for the grinding and turning shaft of paper making machines.


Maintenance team, with extensive experience in maintenance and repair of various equipment, such as: steam valves, electric motors, pneumatic cylinders, impellers, rotors of vacuum pumps and other ancillary equipment used in paper production.

Belovo Paper Mill can provide any paper producing or converting company with the technical support, investment design and implementation, maintenance and repair of machines and equipment of the paper industry. With highly trained and experienced technical and engineering team, specialized in the paper making industry, Belovo Paper Mill can be your strategic partner for your future expansion and development.

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