Environmental Policy

BELOVO PAPER MILL AD aims to produce and deliver quality products that fully meets the requirements, while controlling and minimizing the impact of its activities and processes on the environment.

Our desire to achieve quality performance is defined of specific quality objectives in three main aspects:

  • Reduction of the percentage of waste in the production of tissue and finished products
  • Reducing the number of complaints from customers in foreign and domestic markets
  • Achieving better results in converted products

The company sets general and specific goals to ensure the achievement of environmental performance, which are:

Management of the impact on the sources of water, energy and raw materials

  • Reduction of fresh water consumption per ton of production by 1% compared to the previous year
  • Reduction of electricity consumption per ton of production by 1% per year
  • Reduction of heat consumption per ton of production by 1% per year
  • Reduction of fiber loss per ton of production by 1% per year
  • Reduction of natural gas consumption by 1% per year by improving the combustion process

Management of the generated waste as a result of company activities in order to prevent environmental pollution:

  • Reduction of the generated waste as a result of the activity by 1% per year
  • Reduction of industrial waste – sludges from waste water treatment at the place of their formation (code 03 03 11), by 1% per year

Minimization of air pollution and exhaust emissions

  • Maintaining individual air emission limits

Minimization of water intake pollution as a result of discharging wastewater

  • Improving the quality of wastewater discharged into the Maritsa River

Raising the company culture and awareness regarding environmental protection

  • Ensuring the awareness of the personnel whose activities have an impact on the environment through training

The company has determined the deadlines, the responsible persons, the necessary resources and indicators for the implementation of the general and specific objectives, in the Action plan of the quality objectives and the Framework Program for the implementation of the environmental objectives.

Belana’s products were the first in Bulgaria to be granted the right to use the European Union Ecolabel by the Ministry of Environment and Water. Belana branded products fall into the “Tissue paper” category and the necessary environmental criteria are set out in Commission Decision /5 2009/568 / EC of 9 July 2009 and apply to the entire production cycle – from the arrival of raw materials at the plant to the converted product.

The specific criteria are aimed at:

  • Reduction of the release of toxic or eutrophic substances in the waters;
  • Reduction of energy consumption and related air emissions;
  • Reducing the environmental impact or health risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals;
  • Promoting the use of paper fibers produced in a sustainable way;
  • Application of the principles of forest protection;

The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary obligation and focuses on the production and consumption of goods and services with reduced negative impacts on the environment, health, climate and natural resources throughout their entire life cycle. The EU Ecolabel logo on packaging assures consumers that specific products are produced when they reach the highest environmental performance on the EU market, making them easily recognizable when choosing “green products”.

Belana branded products with the EU eco-label are an environmentally friendly choice, always with you, to meet your daily needs. In this way, Belana’s products enables consumers to contribute to the sustainability of the environment by following their daily routine and habits. Belana enables consumers not only to develop environmental awareness, but to participate in efforts for a better future for the environment.