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Belovo Paper Mill S.A. is one of the leading paper companies in Bulgaria and the Balkan Area.


The factory started its operation in 1900 with one small paper machine.


“KNIGA” is the first paper plant established at the same place of the present Mill.


Samuel Patak – owner of a printing house in Rousse and paper trader – acquires the company.


The paper factory “KNIGA” as it was in early 20s before to be sold to Samuel Patak.


Following the ownership transfer to “Sam Patak” SA the factory was renamed “SAMPA”, after it was reconstructed and renovated.


The paper factory”SAMPA”


The factory was nationalized and renamed to KMH “Dimitar Blagoev”.


A significant expansion was realized with the installation of four new paper machines and completed with infrastructure installations (water and effluent treatment, steam, compressed air, workshops, warehouses, etc.) finishing and converting equipment for household tissue paper products (toilet rolls, napkins, handkerchiefs, kitchen, diapers, wadding, etc.).


President T.Zivkov inaugurates the newly constructed factory as KMH-Belovo.


The second expansion is completed, with the installation of a 20.000 tons per year Voith Tissue paper machine and a 20.000 tons per year deinking plant with additional converting machines.
Picture: Transferring Yankee cylinder, 5000 mm diameter X 3270 mm width of Voith-2 paper machine.


Through an International Tender, the company is privatized and the 58% of the share capital was transferred to THRACE PAPER MILL S.A. and later to PABOLUX S.A. and PADILUX S.A. who are presently controlling the 68,07% of the share capital belonging to ZERITIS GROUP.

17 November 1997

Panos Zeritis, Chairman of Thrace Paper Mill and Alexander Sabotinov , Executive Director of the Privatization agency , sign the contract for the sale of 58% of the shares of Belovo Paper Mill S.A.

17 November 1997

P.Zeritis and his negotiating team St.Nikolakeas, M.Sideridis and G.Angelopoulos exchange the signed privatization contract with Mr.Al.Sabotinov.

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