Belovo Paper Mill

Belovo Paper Mill is the largest manufacturer of tissue paper in Bulgaria and market leader in industrial and household tissue paper products. Its dynamic export presence in the region confirms the company’s competitiveness in the market with high quality products.
Belovo Paper Mill has 4 operating paper machines with a capacity of 58.000 tons per year producing various paper products such as: virgin and recycled (white, natural and colored) tissue paper, MG paper, wrapping paper, greaseproof paper and opaline, either in rolls or in sheets.
It is a vertically integrated unit, producing tissue jumbo rolls and converting them into household tissue products such as: toilet rolls, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, towels, wadding, and of course, away-from-home (HORECA) products.

Today, the products are exported to more than 25 countries, including Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Israel and Croatia.
Based on decades of heritage and experienced personnel, Belovo Paper Mill has developed and perfected paper making & converting services, related to paper production, to accommodate the technical needs in the region.

Majority shareholder of the company is Zeritis Group, with strong tradition and know-how in the papermaking industry, also active in Greece, Hungary and Egypt, exporting to 70 countries and involved in Consulting and Engineering, Plastics, Real Estate, Electricity Trade, etc.

The actual (2007) Company’s shareholding scheme is as follows:

Shareholder Share Percentage
1 Pabolux S.A 2 005 169 34.89%
2 Padilux S.A 1 907 289 33.18%
3 SCA 1 633 508 28.42%
4 Others 201 775 3.51%
Total: 5 747 741 100%


Belana as a beloved brand is trusted from Bulgarian consumers, generation after generation. With a full range of products in all categories – kitchen rolls, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, facial tissues and napkins, Belana is always there for you to accommodate your everyday needs. Belana, with its strong heritage, is a well-established brand with a significant share in the Bulgarian market. In addition to its leading position in the Bulgarian market, Belana has a strong presence in the Balkan region, with dynamic exports orientation reaching 50% of total production.

The mill with 4 paper machines in operation has a capacity of 58.000 tons per year of Tissue paper, M.G., greaseproof, opaline, wrapping and specialties. “Belovo Paper Mil” is producing paper in rolls and sheets and various paper products such as : creping tissue, colored tissue, crepe toweling, crepe paper, greaseproof paper, opaline and core stock. The converting ­ finishing operation comprises the production of toilet rolls, napkins, kitchen towels, pocket handkerchiefs, facial tissues, away-from-home products, wadding, feminine sanitary napkins, greaseproof paper, opaline, wrapping paper and specialties paper in sheets and rolls. “Belovo Paper Mill” S.A. has developed a low cost and high efficiency Papermaking and Converting Machinery construction activity and services addressed to third parties that it is not only contributing to the sales income, but is also building a precious know-how.


Since 2001, Belovo Paper Mill has been certified with the International System of Quality Management ISO 9001/1994, from 2003 with ISO 9001/2000, and from 2009 with 9001/2008, becoming the first Bulgarian company in the tissue paper industry to be certified with the referred standard. The company has introduced an environmental management system, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001/2004 and is certified since 2009.