About us

Belovo Paper Mill

Belovo Paper Mill is the largest producer of tissue paper and MG paper in Bulgaria. Years of experience brings the company to a leading position in the paper industry. High quality products define the leading position in export and acknowledge the competitiveness of the company.

2 paper machines

capacity of 30,000 tons per year

exports to over 25 countries

Belovo Paper Mill AD operates with two paper machines with a capacity of 30,000 tons per year. They produce rolls of tissue paper, MG paper and various paper products. Converting lines includes the production of toilet paper, napkins, kitchen rolls and other special types of products.

Today the products are exported to more than 25 countries, including Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo, Great Britain, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Israel, Croatia and others.

Based on decades of experience and expertise, Belovo Paper Mill AD develops and improves both, paper production and, converting of ready products.


Belana is a favorite and preferred brand of generations of Bulgarian consumers. A brand with solid experience, a wide range of products in all categories – kitchen rolls, toilet paper and napkins. Belana is always with you to meet your daily needs.

With its vast experience, the brand is well established and has a significant share of the Bulgarian market. In addition to its leading position at the local level, Belana has a strong presence in the Balkans and Europe, with large exports reaching 85% of total production. It involves skilled professionals who understands the needs of the consumers. The team of professionals has the much-needed experience and willingness to assist in any situation.


Since 2001, the International Quality Management System ISO 9001: 1994 has been implemented and certified in Belovo Paper Mill AD with an extended certificate from 2018 according to ISO 9001: 2015, which makes it the first Bulgarian company in the paper industry to be certified with this standard.

The company has implemented an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2004, certified since 2009, with extended certificate from 2018 according to ISO 14001: 2015 and integrated with the Quality Management System.

Дружеството е внедрило, система за управление на околната среда, съгласно изискванията на международния стандарт ISO 14001:2004, сертифицирано от 2009г. с продължен сертификат от 2018 г. съгласно ISO 14001:2015 и интегрирана със Системата за управление на качеството.


In 2021, after successfully passing the procedure for meeting the environmental criteria, the MoEW extended the certificate for awarding the right to use the EU Ecolabel for tissue paper and tissue products.

The award of the EU Ecolabel builds on the company’s environmental policy and enables consumers to recognize and choose “green products”.